We are Jasmine Rodney, Miguel and Hezekiah Hill of "HillsEverywhere". We started this company to dedicate a hair care line to suit the needs of not just one hair type of hair but everyone's hair type. Here is our story as to why.
There are so many natural hair products on the market claiming to be "All natural" in my experience as a Masters Cosmetologist of 9 years and self acclaimed hair product evaluator, there are not many products on the market that offer genuine natural ingredients. They may put some natural ingredients on the bottle that may appeal to people, but what the manufacturer's don't want you to know is that they fill these products with parabens, alcohol, mineral oil, sulfate, and countless other unnatural emulsions which, honestly, your hair does not appreciate! And if you are very fortunate and happen to find a product that lives up to its natural name, it may not work for your hair type. Trust me, I understand this all too well. For years I have searched for products that were not too greasy or too drying for my multiracial hair. Then Bingo!!! Manufacturers started to make products dedicated not to one race but to "mixed races" This was seemingly ok at first, but then certain people with different types of hair were being excluded because they did not have a certain type of hair. I thought this was very unfair, my clients were complaining about it and I couldn't stand for it any longer.
After much research, trial and error, and the thoughts and encouragement of my dear husband I found a formula that works well on ALL types and guess what?! It's guaranteed 100% ALL natural. We are so proud of our line and products. In the last 2 years we took a little break to welcome our 2 beautiful baby boys! They were both born premature, and there are not alot of baby products that would protect their sensitive skin that we could trust. Thus Everywhere Baby Care was produced! Our gentle, natural and organic care to all babies everywhere! We hope we can quench the thirst and relieve the hunger of your hair needs Everywhere. This is for people of Every Place, and Every Face. This is Everywhere Haircare!

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